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Workshop Outlines
Dr. Weil has developed three levels of workshops- beginning, intermediate and advanced- for interested parties. The beginning workshop offers a first exposure to hypnosis. The intermediate workshop offers further skill development for those with previous hypnotic training. The advanced workshop, designed for the seasoned practitioner, offers a case consultation model of learning. At all levels of training, Michael utilizes didactic and hands-on, skill building methods to teach hypnosis. This ensures that trainees develop tangible skills that can be incorporated in their practice. A general outline of the workshops follows below. Contact Dr. Weil for a more detailed curriculum.

Beginning Workshop Program & Objectives (20 hours)

Participants will learn the fundamental theories of hypnosis and will understand how to structure hypnotic induction and induce trance. They will practice various methods of induction, trance ratification and deepening techniques in a small group setting. Skills acquired will enable the participant to:
  • Measure hypnotizability and assess suggestibility
  • Induce hypnosis, deepen and re-alert
  • Formulate hypnotic suggestions

Intermediate Workshop Program & Objectives (20 hours)

Participants will learn advanced induction techniques and further develop their skills through didactic presentation and small group practice. Ethical, legal, and risk management issues will also be discussed. Skills acquired will enable participants to treat:
  • Anxiety, depression and habit disorders
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Trauma

Advanced Workshop Program & Objectives (30 hours)

Participants will have the opportunity to refine their knowledge, skill and expertise in clinical hypnosis in a small group setting (six person maximum per instructor). Didactic presentation and a case consultation format will be utilized to help participants integrate hypnosis into
  • General practice
  • Behavioral medicine practice
  • Medical/surgical settings