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Individual Therapy
Dr. Michael Weil treats individuals with anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, fears/phobias, uncontrollable habits and life transition issues. His approach to treatment is practical in nature. He helps clients to develop psychological and social skills that will enable them to function better in academic or work situations and in relationships. Throughout the course of treatment, Michael will assess the client's progress in these situations with an eye for successfully concluding treatment at the earliest time possible.
Couples Therapy
Dr. Weil works with couples around communication, decision-making and intimacy issues. He assists partners in understanding how their experience and roles in their respective families of origin affects the manner in which they initiate and maintain their relationship. Michael also works with couples who are considering marriage. He assists partners in identifying the expectations they bring to marriage as well as the relationships that will emerge with potential in-laws. Dr. Weil's specialty is in helping couples transition from couplehood to parenthood. This transition can be better managed when partners understand their changing roles within an emerging family.
Family Therapy
Dr. Weil works with families around a variety of issues. Families become "stressed" due to parenting issues (differences between partners in parenting styles), competition among sibilings, the family unit's relationship with extended family members, ecomomic hardship and loss, to name a few. Stress and other symptoms are often a sign of the family's inability to problem-solve together. Family therapy helps family members to understand the source of a given problem and to try new approaches to solving it. In this light, treatment is frequently a learning experience rather than finger-pointing exercise.