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Information for
Referring Parties:
Having practiced in The Hitchcock Clinic for ten years, Dr. Weil understands that timely access to treatment and coordination of care is of utmost importance to referring primary care and specialty physicians. He provides initial appointments within four to five business days of referral and routinely shares his diagnostic assessment of the patient and treatment plan with referring parties (within HIPPA guidelines).

Dr. Weil has expertise in individual, couples and family therapy. He treats anxiety and depressive disorders, life transition issues and psychologically-influenced medical conditions. Michael is also a board-certified specialist in clinical and medical hypnosis. He utilizes hypnosis to treat anxiety and habit disorders, a fear of medical procedures and chronic pain syndromes. Dr. Weil has been a featured speaker on the Neurophysioloigcal Basis of Hypnotic Analgesia at national conferences on Pain and Pain Management.

During the course of providing treatment, Dr. Weil collaborates with referring physicians to monitor the effectiveness of psychotropic medication, and to minimize the use of benzodiazepines, analgesics and narcotic medications.