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Who is Dr. Weil?

Dr. Michael Weil is a clinical psychologist, licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He is the former Director of Behavioral Health Services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Keene and Nashua, NH. He has practiced clinical psychology in clinic, hospital and private practice settings for over twenty-five years.

Michael provides individual therapy for adolescents and adults around academic/work issues, behavioral problems, fears and anxiety and depressive disorders. He also provides couples therapy, consultation around parenting issues and family therapy.

In addition to this work, Dr. Weil is a recognized expert in the field of clinical and medical hypnosis. He holds the highest level of certification from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and has provided training to mental health professionals and physicians on a regional and national level.

What should I expect
when I come
to see Dr. Weil?
Dr. Weil will provide a thorough evaluation of your situation and share the results of the evaluation with you. If coming for psychotherapy, he will develop treatment goals with you that can be evaluated every few sessions. Michael believes that therapy occurring in the office is a catalyst for change, but that the real change occurs outside the office in the client's everyday life. For this reason, he will take a keen interest in how the treatment impacts your work, relationships and/or family life.